Becky Stewart

Becky with a Blue-winged Teal
Becky Stewart is Atlantic Program Manager for Bird Studies Canada, a national non-profit dedicated to the conservation of wild birds and their habitats. She is thrilled to be sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sackville.

Becky has been working with birds and in the field of conservation for the past ten years.  She began her career as a bird bander, working at Delta Marsh Bird Observatory in Manitoba in the summer and following the birds to such winter designations as Mexico and Costa Rica.  In 2004, she began working as the Biologist-Educator for Bird Programs at Audubon California's Starr Ranch Sanctuary.  In 2006, Becky was lured back to Canada and to the Maritimes, where she joined Bird Studies Canada - Atlantic Region.  And, although she misses her surfboard, the birds here are much better.

Becky is particularly excited to track down Maharashtra's over 600 species of birds.  You can follow her birding trials and tribulations while she's in India at  

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